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Flight Mechanix is a high-quality aircraft maintenance service provider focused on the customer and the betterment of their assets. We primarily serve the light-medium Jet and turbo-prop market

Aircraft Maintenance

While we can perform maintenance on many varieties of aircraft, common Aircraft we maintain are:


- Citation 500/501 Citation 1
- 550 Citation II
- 560 Citation V
- Encore
- Ultra
- 560XL
- 650 Citation III
- Citation VII
- Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4


King Air
- 90 Series: (C90, E90, F90, C90A, C90B, 90GT, 90GTi, 90GTx)
- 200 Series: (200, B200, 250)
- 300 Series: (B300, 350)

- 400
- 400A

Piper Meridian

- Jet Prop
- PA46 M500
- PA46 M600

We can perform:

Scheduled Maintenance

- Phase Inspections
- Annual Inspections
- Engine and Component Replacement
- Scheduled Replacement of Rotatable Parts
- Conformity Inspections
- Condition Inspections
- Pre-Purchase Evaluations
- Import or Export Inspections

Unscheduled Maintenance

- AOG (Aircraft on Ground)
- Discrepancy Correction
- Failed Component Replacement
- Systems Troubleshooting
- Wiring and Electrical Systems Repair
- Aircraft, Airframe, Engine and/or Propeller     Maintenance
- Facilitate Avionics Repairs
- Structural Repair and Fabrication
- STC (Supplemental Type Certificate)     Installations
- Ferry Permits
- Field Approvals

If you have any aircraft maintenance needs please inquire, we accommodate almost any need.

Aircraft Brokerage

Flight Mechanix brokerage services focus on maximizing value and minimizing your obstacles

Aircraft Brokerage | Flight Mechanix
Aircraft  Brokerage

Aircraft Sales
We do all the legwork to prepare your aircraft for sale so that you can get the highest possibkle premium for it. There are many little things that we can do in preparing an aircraft for sale that will really impact how long it will take to sell as well as how much it will sell for.

Aircraft Acquisition
Before we start the aquisition process we will help you identify the best aircraft for your needs by discussing what your average mission profile looks like, what common destinations are, acquisition budget and very importantly what your operational cost budget and expectations are. 

Once you have all of the information and analysis and utilize off market information to find the best value we can on the aircraft you need. Once we identify a good candidate aircraft, we walk you through each step of the acquisition process in an order that ensures you are getting a quality asset. We will draft the documents and present them to you and/or your council for review. We will be involved in setting the terms for the pre-purchase evaluations and we will review the results of those evaluations to help interpret the findings. We are there for you after the purchase as well whether it be small follow on questions or if you want us to manage the asset for you once you own it.

If you have any questions or concerns please inquire for more details on Aircraft Brokerage

Aircraft Management

Leave all of the extra work to Flight Mechanix to manage your aircraft assets

Aircraft Management | Flight Mechanix

Aircraft Management

We bring convenience and quality to aircraft ownership. In addition to incredible convenience and personal support we can dramatically increase the long-term value of your asset. At Flight Mechanix we offer complete and comprehensive management of your asset or bespoke management services as needed for your specific circumstances. Our attention do detail and exclusive customer service will leave you very satisfied with your ownership experience. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation about our services and how they can help you.

Please contact us below for a free consultation for any of our services.

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